26 years!!!! That’s how long it’s taken for me to fully come to terms with all of this goodness aka me aka my body aka my personality.

That’s a long damn time. Now,that’s not to say that I won’t always try to be better but I am happy. No doubts. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that. I am just genuinely happy. With me. With where I am in my life. With my life. With my decisions. With my daughter. With my role.

A friend once said to me, “I don’t care if you’re happy,I’m not happy that you aren’t getting any” – this was of course in reference to sex BUT do you see what I am trying to say? I tried to convince him,for 3o minutes,that I was happy,insanely happy even and he just flatout refused to believed me because I am lacking the intimacy component. And yes,I miss that companionship,that intimacy but I am happy without it – a concept that was hard for him to swallow.

I finally love myself,unconditionally. Like you should and I only hope that Zineah can find that love sooner and that she’ll embrace all of her even though society will be like a devil on her shoulder.

Love…’s amazing. Especially when you love yourself 💋❤


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