Logos Hope: The Floating Book Shop

Yesterday, I went with my parents & daughter to Logos Hope. A ship. With books. A floating bookshop per se.

It was absolutely amazing!!!! I find that I no longer take pictures of “blogging events” because sometimes life is meant to be lived without a screen / lense.

We bought a few books after standing in line for almost an hour!  

It seems like the ship is Christian based and I think that is great for anyone wanting to do missionary work for a few months to 2 years!

*The Logos Hope travels the world, visiting over 50 countries. All crew members are unpaid, Christian missionary workers who spend up to 2 years on the boat. There are over 50 different nationalities of crew members onboard.*

Entry is R5 and kids under 12 get in for free. They also have a show (price unknown) you can watch “The Witch and The Lion”.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to entertain yourself & the kids for an hour or two, then pop on down to The V&A Waterfront, Jetty 2 TODAY, as it is their last day in Cape Town. Doors close at 9h30pm. 

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