All my life I’ve been told one simple thing : ALWAYS BE THE BIGGER PERSON.

This,of course,is in no reference to my actual height as an individual but to situations I might face.

“Always be the bigger person Athena”

Always turn the other cheek and don’t sink to their level

“Always show them you are better Athena”

Don’t let the negative remarks or comments get to you

Now, mind you I have no problem with ‘being the bigger person’ but it does get frustrating at some point of 26 years because I am NEVER allowed to freak out. Internally yes but I dare not freak out externally,or as they say ‘on the outside’

I was never allowed,even very recently,to show that a situation was affecting. Hell,I wasn’t even allowed to retaliate #favouriteword

I was always just expected to show up and play ball.
I was never able to fully deal with a situation because I was to remain calm at all times and I was never given the opportunity to just shout or even just give the person the death stare.

My friend told me,a very good friend, ” there is a fine line between being the bigger person and being walked over”

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