Let’s Not Get It Twisted

It’s crazy how much I miss her even though I saw her a few hours ago
It’s crazy how I want a picture of her just to see if anything has changed
It must be madness that I can’t wait to leave in the morning but then when I get to work, I yearn to be with her

To spend time with her
Not money on her
To show her the joys of life
To show her the joy she brings into my life
She is not my whole world and they say she shouldn’t be but she is a big part of it
A very big part
Wiping my tears and telling me not to cry
Hugging me and telling me she loves me
It’s the small things
The watching of a movie and her remembering the words
The impromptu dance parties
The “don’t work tonight” look I get
The “put your phone away and lock it” mouthful I get when I sit on Facebook too long
It’s amazing how I want to spend all my time with her ; yet she drives me insane after a few hours
All the questions
The “hold on my hand” and “carry this / that”
How she can never carry her own jacket or finish a meal
That smile
Those puffy “I’m in trouble” cheeks
When I get to pull her close, wipe her tears and tell her that “I’m not angry”
The small things
So tiny I could pick her up
Too heavy to carry for long
Always climbing onto my back
Sitting on my lap
It’s crazy how much I miss her
It’s crazy how I fear missing out
It must be something we all go through
I am sure I can’t be the only one
My daughter
I love you



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