Leave,Live, Love

Good Morning Peoples, it’s awfully windy today!
Now,some of u don’t know this but I took a personal pledge this weekend to LEAVE my cellphone,LIVE my life and LOVE my daughter.
If you want to see why,check out this link  https://m.facebook.com/notifications.php?refid=17&ref=bookmark#!/story.php?story_fbid=10153213331178835&id=577113834&notif_t=like&ref=bookmark (hope it works because it’s all done from my cell).
Now,it wasn’t easy but I learnt a few things – I was definitely less stressed than usual and I actually enjoyed the time I spent with my daughter – it felt like I was there! Many parents claim to be ‘there’ but we spene our eyes glued to a screen,whichever screen that might be.
I did,of course,look at my phone everyday but I made a conscious effort to not do it around my daughter and it was amazing!

I urge you all to try it. No phone. No pictures. Try and live without that electronic in our hand,replace it with your child’s.


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