JarBar Review and Discount Code

I am not sure if you’ve heard of JarBar but if you haven’t, I have one question for you……..

Have you been living under a rock?

They are a health food company that prepare freshly made on the day meals and deliver to your home / office.

I was lucky enough to get a jar delivered to my offices which I was super keen to munch onto and at first I thought, “how would this jar be enough for a vraat like me *I’ve been known to finish a gatsby on my own*, but then I decanted the Argentinian salad and damn, I barely made it through it all!

If you’re looking for outstanding service, quality food and want to brag about getting food delivered in a fuckin jar then get to using my discount code for your first order!

With the purchase of of your first jar, you’d need to “buy” a jar deposit which costs R25 + your meal order, where my discount code comes in .

The discount code #SUPERBUSYMOM can be used on your first purchase and is valid until 31 March 2018.

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