Introducing: My New Friend

Ladies & Gents,if you are my Facebook friend, then you would’ve already seen my post but for those who aren’t part of the Facebook fan club #hahahaha #soconceited #gottaremainhumble, then PLEASE meet my new friend, Mr.Spider



Uhmm, we have not been friends for long but we have been acquaintances for awhile. I was quite apprehensive about befriending a spider; I mean I have watched quite a few SpiderMan movies and I mean Peter Parker didn’t even befriend the damn thing and then BOOM! There aren’t many things I know about Mr.S (that’s what I call him coz we just so tight), but I do know a few key components like
– He doesn’t like the flash on my phone
– He does not approve of being photographed,especially with the flash on
– He is of brown colouration*consult me on how to say that word. Also, I’m sure it’s not spelt like that
– He scurries. Now,mind you. Scurrying,in it’s own right is damn hard so probs so Mr.S👍
– He likes to stop inbetween scurries to tentatively rub his “whiskers” (no idea what it’s called so it shall be whiskers from now on) together,like a “oohh i’m thinking about something important”, or most probably ” i’m going to jump the fuck at my bestie *me* coz she just wont stop recording me”
– He always has somewhere to go. Never stays long. & we hardly share stories; like good friends should
– He just drops by. Like literally. Fokol warning. No opportunity for me to even prep myself. I’ll just look up and there he is. Like in my face. Sometimes right next to me. So close it feels as if we should be one. Like more than just friends;):mrgreen:
That’s all I know. His other family members normally come around. Also unannounced. I think its just like their culture. To just be kak voorbarig. I don’t mind though. Visitors that actually care and are good clean company👍 Maybe Mr.S will make me Mrs.S aka Spiderwoman #dreams #weddingoftheyear

What more could a girl ask for?!

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