I'm A Sucka For The Good Stuff

Love that is. I enjoy being courted. Wanted. I guess “enjoy” is the wrong term. Makes it sound like I get off on being wanted. I enjoy the whole butterflies in my tummy feeling. I like the back and forth. Even though I am such a hard ass and generally in a “La-La Fuck It” mood, generally, I love love. I’ve always believed that everyone deserves a 2nd chance but I have also believed that we, as a society, fall in love too quickly. We do not fall in love with the person but we fall inlove with the idea of loving them. Try telling that to someone in the beginning stages of a relationship! Love is awesome. I won’t take it’s credit away but so is a broken heart and a heartbroken soul. I’ve figured that it is easier to fall head first and fast than to get caught up with their imperfections. Awhile ago, I bought myself a cheap ring & damn!, it looks good. My finger is definite marriage material. At heart, as much as I will deny this,I am a romantic. I cry at the sappy Facebook videos I see on my timeline and my heart breaks when I see another couple getting engaged, because for a split second I think “why not me?”

If I had an online dating profile (I’ve done Tinder and a few others & I now have an awesome dad-friend) I think it would go something as honest and raw as this

My name is Athena, born in 1988. Mother to a girl, born 2012. Single parent. Working fulltime as a Recruitment Consultant with 3 – 4 businesses on the side. I also blog (brutal) and spend most of my free time watching Netflix or spending time with my daughter. My selfie is taken at an attractive angle because I want you to swipe right or click MSG HER. I love the idea of love and am a romantic at heart. I will not accept dick pics but I will accept a coffee date and hand holding. I don’t need nor want to be treated like a princess but I expect to be treated with respect. I laugh out loud & you can count on me for honesty. My daughter comes first. I am not looking for a good time or a quickie in the back of your hatchback. And I’m not out here searching for Mr. Right. I am looking for a man. Preferably within 20 minutes of my parents, because I still live at home. I don’t want a gym body because mine is more like a mini marshmallow. As you’ll see, my hair is down but I normally wear it up. I am just trying to entice you. I just got these new specs which I think make me 60% more attractive. I am also working on my self esteem issues. I know you’ll do the right thing & get in touch. We’ll flirt. You’ll ask for a pussy pic. I’ll promise you one if I get a dick pic. Your dick pic will end up on the internet. Also, I hashtag. Thanx”

Yep, so something like that. Probably not as long but I guess – thx for reading!

*give love the credit it deserves*

I have always felt like we just slip into something so easily and quickly because of convenience. Let’s get caught up. Slip in. Slip out. No! Not sex. Love, or is it infatuation. Movies make it seem so grand. I have always wanted to be kissed, like in the movies, with the cupping of the face. That one kiss. The kiss that changed it all. The tear jerker. You knew it was wrong but it felt so damn right. The one kiss we’re made to believe is real. The one that comes from The One. Kids,are susceptible in this day and age. Teens. They are growing up so fast. Love. We’re all always a sucka.


If you were given the opportunity to tell your 13 year old self something,anything about love ; what would it be?

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