I Want A Daddy

No, not me

I already have one

A damn good one at that

The kid

She is 5 years old now

She hasn’t said that she wants one , outloud but she has been making reference to “daddies” on TV shows and her playing has more so encompassed the word “daddy”

Now, when she was 3 years old she already asked me about this situation and , at the time, I explained to her that she was just too young at the time

Now though, how much longer can I avoid it? Yes I know that avoiding it is ultimately not the best or wisest decision but you know, just sometimes.

I have asked her, more than once, on those days I am feeling less than, if she wanted one.

A daddy.

You know, as if it’s just that easy click of the finger to get a dad.




I am fearful for what the future holds. How different, successful or not, will she turn out because of the decisions I’ve made. The actions that took place.

Many of you do not know that for 2 years I have been fighting a financially draining journey. Recently though, I won.

Now won is not the right term but I sure as hell didn’t lose but how will my “winning” now affect her in 6 months, at 6 years?

Have I made a grave mistake by doing what I think was right? Even though he doesn’t contribute, at all? Am I wrong? Am I robbing her of an important relationship?

She has my dad though, my grandfather, my brother, uncle and cousin.

Alot of good strong men.

Does one really make a difference?

I know she needs a daddy but does she really need that one?

3 thoughts on “I Want A Daddy

  1. Although a daddy is important. The MOST important thing is she needs to fill loved. I can tell that she has an abundance of love in her life ? To me, that’s more important than having a man in her life just for saying there’s a dad. There are a lot of dads out there but not all of them are worthy of being called “dad.” Keep her around the other men in your life-your dad, brother, uncle…these men can give her that “man” feeling in her life. My husband is deployed SOOOO MUCH and we live an ocean away from our family. I’m so glad my son has a male teacher this year in school. Both kids are starting basketball this year so that will get them another male influence while he is gone too. It’s hard sometimes and, like I’ve said before, it’s hard to not feel guilty about it. But, all we can do is our best and love them to our fullest extent ?

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