I forgot my phone at home and I am ok

What am I suppose to do with my hands if they are not constantly checking my phone for new Facebook notifications?
What am I suppose to be staring at if not at a small illuminated screen?
I left the house this morning feeling lost, earphones in my bag but no phone
How could I forget such a vitally important organ on the dinner table?
They were right next to each other! What was I thinking?
I even called rescue services
“Hi Sir, could you please bring my phone to me?”
I felt lost without it
Nothing to cradle
Nothing to avert my attention away from my day job
Nothing to occupy me in slumps of busyness
What was I meant to do, work?
In all actuality, I did nothing
No work
Just sat and thought about all those notifications I was missing
The ones that irritated me just yesterday
The ones I just about wished away – for just a moment of silence
And here I sit, not knowing which task to start next , not knowing who is liking or loving me on Facebook and Instagram
Anxiety creeping in because I now dread going home
Because, notifications
Will I be disappointed at the meaningless of the notifications or will I immediately vow to never leave my phone at home or worst still, vow to leave my phone at home for an hour or so of silence?
My anxiety has settled
It’s sad though – that it gets to that
Anxiety because we are so connected to our phones more than to our own offspring
It is not lunchtime yet and though I am itching to “keep busy” by checking Facebook or Instagram – and let’s face it, it’s just the same shit on different days – I know that I will be ok
9 Hours
Will I rush home to check or phone or will I stop to hug and kiss my daughter?

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