I don’t co sleep with my daughter I risk my life

I hate the term “co sleep

Why is it co sleep and not just sleeping

Do you co sleep with your husband? 


Life partner? 

Nee! Jy slaap.  Net so.  

There’s no co anything 

Co parent


But let’s not try to make everything co seem so taboo

Many people are shocked to hear that my daughter and I share a bed

A sleeping space 

We have; since she was born 

Is it uncomfortable? Of course! Feels like I am playing a game of Tomb Raider

Every fuckin turn is an opportunity to land face first onto the tiled floor

Let me tell you one reason why we share a space (100% sure there is more than 1)……because I cannot, not now or anytime in the near future afford a suitable bed for her

*I am not going to bore you with the details of why I cannot afford a bed or how I’m a single mother and it goes without saying that I can barely afford to poep 

**I’ll let you deduce that on your own time

I will say this though

There are many made-normal terms that I hate

Single Mom &  Co Sleep are the only ones I can think of now because, you know, Murphy’s Law

 The choices I make are solely for the upbringing of my child and if that includes taboo shit like co sleeping,  breastfeeding at 5, cussing or crying infront of the kid; then let me be

We often teach our kids that the one true way to learn anything is to make a mistake first and yet we hold ourselves and other to such high standards and when people fail to meet our expectations we slaughter them. 

Social media

Face to face

This is wrong

That is wrong

You are wrong

If we could only just learn that we are all still growing,  no matter how old we are

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