I am not me when I am me

I don’t know what I mean by that but what prompted that odd title and this non sensical post is a picture

Taken by my child

Of me


Most possibly the worst looking picture of me ever

Like this, a realisation, is what I look like

Normally. To people. Outside

Not acceptable! I know I should be preaching #lovemybody blah blah blah but hot damn! I was shocked to see this picture. It was funny at first and then after looking at it again and again, all I thought was “ugh, is this REALLY what I look like?”

The answer was yes and I am not happy with the answer

Recently I have started a what promises to be a 5 – 6 month long journey with a company called HerbalFix.

I am an introvert so naturally hesitated to meet the owner of said company but as my last brave act of 2017, we met up, she handed me the sample product with an additional 2 boxes as giveaway + a 30% discount for any of my followers. Not long after we met, I forgot what she said and had to ask for the instructional video which was a #GodSend

I started using HerbalFix and apart from a few bodily dysfunctions, I’ll tell you about the time I shat myself in another post, I felt lighter. Skeptical me didn’t believe the product would work but so far so good

If you’d like to win the 2 boxes of HerbalFix just follow my blog via email or however else you’re able to follow

If you already follow my blog, just comment and I’ll find you in my list of followers (you guys are jotted down somewhere)

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