I am happy being single

I am happy being single
I feel like I don’t need to justify that but here I am, typing, trying to convince you that at almost 30 ; I am happy

Do I wish I had a bit of help with my daughter? Hell yeah
To I treasture that for the next year or so, before she wants nothing to do with me, I get to have her all to myself? Of freaking course

I have always been an introvert. I once had a friend drag me out of bed at 3am to go to a party; a week before I was meant to leave for London

I don’t like going out and doing things,I would much rather sit in bed and read a book
Sit in a park
Sit in a cafe
Watch a movie

I like being single
It suits me
Who I am
My personality

I only go out and do things because an almost 6 year old should not be subjected to my introverted-ness

I have a friend who is pushing (hahaha sarcasm, not really) for me to get married by 30, because that’s the dream right?

Get married, pop out a few more babies before 35 and grow old gracefully

I have been single since Novmber 2013, that’s almost a full 6 years

That is a really long time, like longer than anyone ever thought but here I am , single and happy

I get to go where I want, do what I want and I don’t have to report to anyone

I am working on me for me

Marriage does appeal to me
Wedding expo’s do give me a feeling of “when me?” but still this “freedom” of being single is more than enough for me

I love babies
I love weddings
and I will always be your number one supporter but I am not ready to get married, I am not ready for more babies and I am not ready for love lesser than my God

I have my parents, my daughter and my family

There is not much else I need in this life

Well them and a good book!

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