How To…………..



So suffice to say I haven’t been around alot……………….been driving and what not πŸ™‚

You read that right – I’ve got my drivers license!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides all of that, I have just found myself to be ridiculously busy and caught up and I guess being a newly fletched licensed driver has made being “caught up” that much easier


Anyway, this post is about me wanting to start a podcast because I believe that my personality cannot be projected through a screen ; so if you have any ideas or tips – holla at me πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “How To…………..

  1. Have heard many podcasts sharing new music etc… 2 DJs host a show where they show cast new music, albeit drum and bass or bass music, tracks are never played out completely but their show is their opinion, jokes etc…

    You could do the same.
    Record a show or a set period of brain farts and upload to SoundCloud or iTunes.

    You could always movie to YouTube videos πŸ˜€ you know you get money for getting a large amount of views.

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