How To Be A Better Parent In A Few Simple Steps

You can’t! You’re already doing the best you can. Kids alive? Yay you!!!! Your one and only job in this world, as a parent, is to love them, unconditionally and then to also teach them right from wrong, and all those other things. As human beings, I tend to think that we don’t have many important life changing roles,other than to be a nice human being. Nice. Be a polite person. Someone who strives to do a bit better than the ass they might’ve been yesterday. Being a parent isn’t about getting anything right or being the best,it’s about love, trust and ongoing perserverance. Being a parent, at it’s worst is the total pits. At it’s best? Still pitty. Parenting is thinking “Fuck!, how can I be so angry and yet still love this gremlin so much?”

Parenting is not a game. It is not a brag,it is not an award. It is sacrifice. In any which way. Parenting is always, no matter what,no matter how old, about putting the kids first.

All forms of parenting are hard. The dad who is missing out. The single mom who is doing  it all alone. The 2 parent family with 1 kid or more. The grandparents who had to step in. The aunts or uncles who had to step up. Parenting is hard. Is it worth it? Hell yeah! 

You might want to throw in the towel more often than note and it’s ok. Throw it in! Throw that sucker right in,to the bottom of the hamper. Stomp it down! But never give up.

See that face? Teary eyed? Hopeful? They have more faith in you than anyone else. No one needs to believe in you because they do. As far as they are concerned,you are THE SUPER PARENT. They might hate you. They might love you. They will always look up to you,or down at you depending on genetics.

How do you become a better parent? You be. You be present. You be around. You be your best. You be loving. You be encouraging. You be there.

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