What is a homebody?


After Googling that,I immediately clicked onto the buzzfeed link, as per below  👇

Buzzfeed | Signs you’re a homebody

Now, besides number 8,everything else is basically correct. I love me some hiking.

The pre-Zineah,possibly still school going me homebody ; – I would spend my days & nights at home. I loved being at home. Reading. Exercising. Writing. Because, back then, I was still on the parentals schedule, I went where they went. If it was a compulsory event, I went. If it was the mall, I opted out. I remember waking up on a Saturday, showering & getting back into my pj’s.
The post-Zineah homebody me ; – I wanna be at home. I dont mind going to the park,church,grandparents/aunt or even the mall but anywhere else? I’d rather not. I think being a single parent also has an impact on that. I can comfortable paint with her at home or “kick ball”. Don’t get me wrong. I take her out. Movies. Mall. Park. Elsewhere. I love being at home. With her. & in all honesty, I would much rather spend my days (&nights) with her than with anyone or anywhere else. Seriously. I know I should broaden her horizons and move out of the comfort zone and I guess oneday I’ll be pushed and I won’t have a choice. Until then though……

I think it’s because I like to be comfortable. I just don’t like getting dressed for things. Work – Yes. Knowing I can just piss and kak at home is so much better. Knowing I can escape the crowd at a moments notice is what I live for. Knowing I can comfortably lay on my bed. Slippers. Sweats. Hair all crazy. That’s what I love.
I know she will leave me oneday. I know she won’t need me as much.

Just jumped out of the shower & into my pj’s? BLISS ❤
About to have some QT with my child? PRICELESS 💜

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