Guess I’ll just POP in :)

So, as a mommy blogger; I have not been blogging much

I just have no content ; nothing and I refuse to spit out random spew to please the masses

Now, what I meant by “masses”; was all 3 of you that even bother to read the blog

Hell, I could be over here cursing and being filthy as fuck and no one would even care…..would ya?

This post is just to say that I have NOT forgotten about you, yes, all 3 of you who are skimming over this post J

I am still here

I am still alive

I am just busy and unfortunately, my blog is not TOP priority right now………….and that’s ok 🙂



On that note, I would like to know ONE thing you would like to achieve in 2016…..and I will NOT accept anything about dieting etc

Mine? Getting my driver’s license



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