Give Them Water

Ladies and Gents, if any of you have been following my blog or reading my posts, you must know that I have been trying to get a “Care Package” initiative off the ground but it seems that no one cares.

I run various Facebook pages and the one that I have officially created to be the “face” of my version of outreach is called “Care4Me

Now, I would love it if you could take 10 seconds, pop over and “LIKE” this page for me – please.

The reason for this post on SUPERbusyMOM2.0 is because I have noticed that the Cape Town summer is insane – it’s hot inside and outside and most likely everywhere #sarcasm

What I have started to do is fill water bottles, place them in the freezer overnight or for a few hours and before I head out for the day #holidays, I take them out and as I drive, if I happen to stop at a robot where someone is begging, I then hand them the somewhat, not so much iced water.

Now, you’re probably thinking “why put yourself in danger, especially this time of the year?” Because it’s fuckin hot man! I know these beggars might not seem appreciative or even downright are not, but something is better than nothing and I refuse to give money to someone who is most likely not going to use it in a resourceful or nutritious manner. What they do with my iced water is up to them but I would damn well drink it.

As drivers we do not know what it is like to stand outside the entire day, stinking up a storm. We do not know what it is like to go day in and day out, most probably not knowing that the year is coming to an end. We do not have that, albeit the wrong word, luxury, of inconvenience.

Queue too long at PNP? Complain

Coffee taste like ass from Wimpy? Complain

Debits gone off too early? Complain

I sit here, in a camping chair, on my laptop, in my room, with my fan blowing just a tad above my head. I have a clean showered body, smelling like lavendar baby powder and a tummy full of milk tart and I am thinking about the nachos I am about to make; when their are people out there who do not have the luxury of luxury.

Make 2017 great – not for you, but for them.

Pop on over to my Care4Me Facebook page, follow this blog, follow me on Insta and Twitter.

Don’t be left out on the next way to help someone who seems unhelpable. A small difference is still a difference.


*Fill a bottle with water, freeze it and carry it in your car for the day. Hand out as many as you can to the reggars (robot beggars) and hashtag #GiveThemWater

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