GhostWriter | A Poem For Sam From Me

Sam wanted to be ravaged
She’d been alone for too long
She needed someone to pull her hair and bite her neck
She craved a manly, rugged touch
She wanted nothing more than to be taken from the back
To the back
Pulled into a dark abyss where fantasy was as she imagined
She needed to be punished
For what? She did not know
She needed to be choked as she came
Sam needed to be ravaged
She was closed off
She was closed down
Sam needed to be looked at
Sam needed to be explored
She had a desire for the unwanted
The unhinged
To be lustfully taken
Forcefully taken
A kiss so rare and dangerous that even she would run scared
Sam needed to become unhinged
She needed to be free
Embodied with yours
Sam wanted your mouth to engulf her most intimate parts
She wanted you to become one with her
She needed you to stay there
Stay here
Sam craved your attention
She sought your lonely heart
Your wandering hands
Sam needed you to be her
She needed you to be her
Sam wanted you to be him
She wanted you to be him
She loathed what you did to her
She loved how you did it to her
She no longer wanted anyone else
She craved your kisses
She longed for your eyes
Sam was sold
On you
For you
Sam was sold
Into this fanatasy
Still alone
Still lonely
Sam was sold
You bought a lonely heart
You bought a sad heart
You bought Sam
Sam needed to be ravaged
Sam wanted to be ravaged
But not hurt

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