Ghost Writer | So……I talk to myself

In my head
Out loud
That’s how I come up with all these blog ideas
Internal conversations I have
About me
About anything
The latest conversation is one I’ve been having with myself for years
My beauty
My worth
How I see me
Let’s start out with the truth – ;
I’m a guys girls. It’s a simple fact of life. I get along with guys more than ladies
I have an awesome-as-fuck personality
I’m generally, an all around great individual
I hate talking about myself especially when I can sense the person has more to say than what is being presented
I’m prefer to blend into the background which definitely comes off as anti-social but it’s a bit more like anti-people
Now the conversation that always happens is something like this, in a non conversational way
“All I have to offer is my body. I’m not the prettiest. I act like I’m not the smartest. So I’ll offer them my best asset. My body. Naked. Exposed. Vulnerable. I’ll be that sexting slut they want. I’ll succumb to their dick pics. I’ll pretend to flip myself off while they sext me all these sick things they want to do to me. My body. I know I have more to offer. I know that I’m worth more. But how do I make myself see that? How do I make myself believe that? My body, right? Let’s take a selfie & send it. Let’s offer them my best asset”
Now you might be wondering why I come across as so all ok in RL but hiding behind my phone it’s completely different.
Well, because I am insecure. I know what I’m insecure about. It’s easy to be all ok in RL because no one cares about my insecurities. They have their own insecurities. That’s why I don’t like talking about myself. I give people the opportunity to talk, to let it all go. I talk to myself. I always have. I always will.

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