Geez! WTF

Ok, so I have been fighting to write this post today
I have been so busy
Like all of my posts, there will be spelling errors and today,there will be minimal punctuation
I also have no idea where I am going with this post because I have no idea how I feel

One of my daughter’s creche teacher sent me a WhatsApp
Teacher: What is Zineah’s dad’s name? We were talking about families today and she asked me what her dad’s name is.
Me via voicenote: Uhmm, tricky. He isn’t present. Hasn’t been for a long time. Let’s go with boytie. She told me that her dad’s name is boytie.
NOW I am stripping my moer off because the cycle has began
The questions!
Geez……..I even tried Googling images for “Daddy where are you?” etc
I. Do. Not. Know. What. To. Do
I am open and honest with my daughter
I have to be but this……..
This is something I just cannot deal with
Not right now
Not in the midst of my own damn imminent failure
Please, if you have any thoughts; share them with my indecisive ass
I am lost
I guess the next post will be short and sweet and about my relationship with “him”


*this post is dedicated to LP – thank you for always being someone*


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