Fun Fact Friday: The Things She Says

It’s Saturday. A whole week before my next Fun Fact Friday blogpost but I HAVE to write it now,otherwise I WILL forget.

The things my daughter says to me –

– I don’t have to sleep. It’s not dark outside.
– But I don’t want to.
– Please stop talking.
– Can you bring me my baby?
– I’m gonna tell my Ma/Pa/insert random name here.
– Look at Ma (when she doesn’t get her way).
– Give me your slipper.
– Hit him/her.
– (insert name here), did hit me.
– I want juice.
– Be quiet.
– I’m talking to Ma/Pa
– It’s not Ma’s 8 o clock (she thinks it Pa’s 8 o clock,not PAST)
– What’s wrong?
– I want food.
– Where’s my tablet?
– Where are you?
– I need to pee!
– I need to popo!
-I want to come inside (when I’m in the bathroom).
– Don’t wash my hair. Only tomorrow.
– I don’t want to bath.
– Fattie (note to self: need to get her to stop saying this).
– Look at my breasts.
– Leave me alone!
– Come here.
– Come play on the grass.
– Give me some coke.
– I want coke.
– Where’s my money?
– We go to church?
– I want to colour!
– Where’s my phone?
– Give your phone.

And,of course

– I love you ( it’s a forced I love you but I’ll take it)

Happy Friday bitches!

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