Fun Fact Friday : The Plate

Dudes…..the plate is full and the mind is lost.
We all have a plate and sometime in our life the plate becomes too heavy and we have to decide what to let go of and what really really matters.

My Plate:
– work is crazy busy #hatethatplace
– zineah will be 3 this year and I want to throw her a party #broke
– im studying but i only have until june to finish and i am not even halfway, not even a quarter into my studies #2courses
– i am still a single mother #sarcasm #bignews
– im busy with a court case #documentation #troubles
– i an trying to get my business off the ground #excitedmuch

The plate is full bra! Like fuckin overflowing. I can’t even form coherent sentences anymore and coffee is of NO help….

My plate might not seem full but if you consider how lazy and chilled I am,then you’ll know that this is alot for me to handle

What’s on your plate?!

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