Fun Fact Friday : The Motherhood edition

Good Morning Ladies & Gents,
So, instead of writing a long ass post, I thought that I’ll just hit you with the just of what happened. Ready?

– Zineah hit me,closed fist yong. In the face.
– She peed in the bed last night
– I am ridicously tired
– I haven’t worked out for a few weeks now and am now developing a legit boep
– I have Herbex diet supplements, closed, still in the box
– I am still sick, like how I was a few weeks ago. Not fully recovered
– I just have no lis to work. Need to put a fire under my ass so that I can get going. 2016 is around the corner
– Schools are expensive, like whoring myself on the corner expensive
– I am happy that its Friday
– I am not happy that its Friday
– I just need to sleep. To rest. To clean.

Have a good Friday and an even better weekend ☺

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