Fun Fact Friday: The ‘me’ edition

Hello Ladies and Gents,
I do hope your week has been going well. For this weeks instalment I thought I would let ALL of you in on some of my most intimate thoughts and what nots…….

This is a ‘me’ addition,so I’ll be revealing some things……like what pisses me off or what makes me happy #food #duh

No judgement okay?

I hate being late…..and I’m not talking ‘period I might be preggers late’ – I mean like just late, to a party. If I’m done then I need to leave
I DO NOT approve of cuddling,and yes this is in reference to the sex – are u done? then get away from me- dankie😆
I LOVE eating – anyone who knows me knows this. I eat like a fuckin prisoner who has been inside for years – like a whole gatsby coloured
I am a bitch……simple as that
I am also a nice person…..depends if I like you #goodbooks
I can get SUPER comfortable with you……if I trust you enough and trust me I am comfortable with only a select few #thesecretstheycouldtellyou
I am moody……can everyone please stop agreeing?
I like having pretty nails #justgirlythings
I am not a dress wearing kinda girl – it’s just too much damn effort
I once went a whole month without shaving my legs – although it could’ve been more than a month. It was Winter ok!!!!
It’s been 3 years……that’s it. No more info on that one
I’m weird, like genuinely weird
I abbreviate the most random of words……like you would have to know me very well to know what I’m even saying half of the time
I TALK FAST when I’m nervous/shy/excited
I can also mumble
I DO NOT like confrontation
I do not approve of conflict
I am a protector – I will cut a bitch if I need to
I am jealous…..insanely
I can be VERY coloured when I want to or when I have to be
I don’t get along with everyone
I am overly sexual – like EVERYTHING is a sexual innuendo
I prefer to be alone
I am scared….of failing…insanely scared
I am a perfectionist
I am a chatterbox
I do not like being the centre of attention…..guess I’m not getting married
I do not like it when people look at me
I like planning things
I like being incharge
I do not like being helped
I am oblivious to flirting……like right in my face and I wouldn’t even know it

I really cannot think of anything else but I know my friends could add a few things to this list 💓

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