Fun Fact Friday: The Fucks

You know all those posts and pics that state the damn obvious? LOOK AT ALL THE FUCKS I DON’T GIVE

Well this is what this post is about,kinda but it’s about all the fucks I DO give

Please can someone explain to me how the human race can just not care? Like how is it ok to just pretend? That someone that mattered so much last week no longer means a damn thing? Like how is it just ok to not care about your own personal time that you’ve invested into that person and that relationship? Like how are you ok just letting go? Someone somewhere put in effort,time; hell,someone even sacrificed sleep. Fuckin sleep. That shits important! You know someone is invested when they’ve willingly chosen you over sleep. How is this all ok? You put in the effort and then just FUCKALL!!!! Like nothing,not even a fuckin reason. Just gone. Nothing. No explanation. No reason for why your effort wasn’t enough. No why to your questions. Just ignoring you. No one deserves this. No one deserves a shit stained hankie at the end of a long day. You know what we need? A fuckin hug! A fuckin reason! A why. Like when did it become ok to just toss someone aside just because you smaak to. Just because it’s too much for you. When did feelings become so disposable? When did actually investing time become a waste? Hell, I get it – it’s all about sex and the easy route but seriously? Feelings people! Feelings! Feelings! This upsets me so much because it is not ok. Here you go throwing someone aside just coz you don’t smaak. The time and effort wasn’t worth it. The way you felt last week has changed completely because this week you just don’t want to deal with whatever or whoever this person is right now and you know that they’ll be there,waiting because they value the effort and time it took to build something. Even if it’s nothing to you,it means something to them and it’s not fair. To them. To the next. We wonder why people are so guarded. It’s because they know what it feels like. To be stepped on. To be used. To be packed up and put away until a more convenient time. Isn’t that what it’s about? Convenience? Just being able to put certain parts of your life on hold because it is just not a convenient time?
How do you think we feel? Knowing that we are just a substitute? Like a sweetener when the real deal sugar isn’t around? Do you think we like it? Do you think it’s ok?

Our country has already gone to shit and it seems our citizens are just following suit. I fear for our future. It is bound to get worse. We hurt. We feel. It is not ok. It never will be. Karma is a bitch but so is the person you’re packing away.

We all deserve a little more. We all deserve more than, “not right now.”

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