Fun Fact Friday : The Decision

So you’re well aware that I will only be posting the instalments as per SUPERbusyMOM blog.
This Fun Fact Friday is about my week since I started this “no social media” thing (note it has only been 3 days)

Fun Facts Galore:
The decision was made on Wednesday, 18 February 2015 at aprroximately 2:30. It was decided,that at 3pm I would no longer be a social media whore
If you’re my friend on Facebook,you’ll know that there is no real part of my life that is hidden – ek deel alles
I DID NOT do this for Lent, it just happens to coincide. I’ve done it because it just felt right. No long drawn out thought process involved
I cut my tongue……on a sweet? with a sweet? I really don’t know how people deal with the pain of piercing their tongues
I have an interview – not overly excited but I know that change is needed. Super apprehensive
I still sit on my phone – to type my blog,listen to music and play games…..sometimes I go through my pics out of boredom
I accidently logged into Facebook,more than once. It’s such a normal part of my life that it just kinda instinctively happens
I wish I could update my status or post a question to the mommy group that I’m a part of
This is what I’m dealing with…..not many messages but you see that there is temptation and so far I’ve been strong. And I have a Facebook message aswell 😐



I don’t know how long this is going to last but whether it’s a day or a month I really don’t mind. I know I’ll get whatever I need out of this…..whatever that might be

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