Fun Fact Friday: Part Two

Hey! Two Fun Fact Fridays in one day – whoop! whoop!

I just realised something about myself…..I know I knew this all along but I hardly acknowledge it. Just something else that gets swept under the rug I guess.


I never really look at people’s faces. I look around them. Make sense?

If you know me,then you’ll know that my eyesight is pretty bad. From a certain distance I can’t even see facial features. My specs are for seeing far,so I’m short sighted right? Other than that, right in front of me I can see. I can perfectly see what I’m typing right now. But that board a few feet away? Can’t make out a damn thing.

Now, I don’t like it when people look at me in general and I hate it when they stare….it’s because I’m “pretty”

Which brings me back to what this post is actually about – I don’t look at people,like dead in the face. It’s almost like I glance over your features. Like I probably wouldn’t be able to accurately say what someone looks like without having seen a picture of them first. I think it’s because I don’t like being looked at, so I just don’t look at people. Especially first timers. Like people that I’ve known for more than a second,I know what they look like. I could easily explain what you look like,but first timers? Nope. I really do hope you’re one of the lucky ones….forever etched into my memory #creepalert . Anyway, here’s a pic of me, incase you forgot what I look like AND because I am just on par 🙂 #lookingphotoshopped #nophotoshop



                 HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!!!!

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