Fun Fact Friday: Facebook

If anyone knows me, or better yet has me as a virtual Facebook friend then you’ll know that I am a tagger and a link sharer. I am on Facebook on two occasions. At work, like the whole damn day and then at home for like an hour a day. Mostly at night. I share links at home so that when I go to work I have an opportunity to go through them. I share things that interest me, things that pique my interest. At work I just open up the link and save as Bookmark, I probably have over 400 Bookmarks saved ?:?
Sometimes I get flak for what I share and I know that a few people get annoyed that I am CONSTANTLY sharing recipes #nowonderimsofat and I am an avid Buzzfeed sharer. I love their Facebook page and I adore their videos. The latest? Americans try South African food for the first time. Hilarious!, and yes I shared and even tagged a few family members. On a whole other note, I am trying to figure out how to add video and voice to my posts. Or something like that. All this typing and reading (for you) is getting kinda lame.

Oh, this is how I do it………:?


Anyhoo……..let me know if you like the new changes to the blog and also feel free to follow me on Instagram superbusymom143 or add me on Facebook Athena Mechay Japhta or better yet, just go ahead and like the Facebook page for SUPERbusyMOM 2.0

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