Sometimes I just want to ask people if they’d like me to suck their dick aswell. Seeing as I’m doing all this other shit for them #fuckinsigh
I get so dik sometimes. So fuckin gatvol of people just expecting kak. Like all the ma se poes time! & then I’m just suppose to fuckin roll with it. Pisses me the moer off man! I have my own kak to deal with. What kind of sick stupid motherfucker are you, that you can’t even google some kak for yourself? Huh? Why must you ask me? Is there virtually no one else in your life that will willingly and quietly deal with your kak? Huh? Yor bra!!!!!!! I’m fuckin surrounded by dick wads the whole ma se poes day. I do not need it when I leave work. I want some fuckin quiet where I can just stick my hand down my pants and finger away. I just want a bit of piece of quiet. A bit of cunt relief! Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkk! It’s so frustrating to be here. I just wanna lay on my tummy. Give my ass a break. Just ffffuuuucccckkkkk! Seriously just need to scream that into the fuckin universe………

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