F*** Me Fours. The One No One Tells You About

You know that time when it seems like every second word is “Fuck You Mommy”

A time you never prepared for

Endless boardroom meetings could not have prepared you for the fuckyness that is the age FOUR

Not like that awesome SA bred group

Oh no!

More like FUCK! Where’s the manual?.

Four is the start of the  backchat , the epic eye rolls and the not so subtle tsk 

A time when you as a parent are not even sure if your name is “Mommy”

It’s like the pre teen years, 8 years too early

Your face is no longer tired,it’s more flabergasted

More confused

Like, is this mine? I bore you, you backchatting, eye rolling, tsk-ing litte person

9 months and then this?

Hell no! Sit the kid down and lay down the rules. Simple. Easy. Followable.

I wish someone warned me about the these years. The times I would more than doubt my ability as a parent. Fuck Me Fours & I don’t want her to grow up

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