Good Morning Cape Town (and the rest of the world)
It’s amper 6am and I’m feeling refreshed, waiting for my lift club with my freshly boiled eggs in hand


Now, as the title suggests, todays post will be all about dreams. I,like we all do, have these mid-night movie theaters going on in our heads. We are seemingly unawares but I’m sure you’ve all had that ONE dream that kinda just stuck. Now I know many revert to ‘ou mens taal’ or just so easily, Google. Well I choose to vret and get all anxious like over said dreams and eventually I succumb and seek advice from a few of my closest friends.
The dream:
I’m basically trying to save my family from a crazy bichacho (bitch,for u less informed) and no one seems to trust me enough to believe me,that at any second some crazy ass ho is gonna plow through the living room and we won’t have any way out then. I had no idea what this ho was on about but I got a few people out, all kids mind you,and I got a few blankets etc coz ya never know!

I can’t remember why there was a crazy bitch in my dream but it’s not the first time I’ve had this dream.


Until next time peeps,


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