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Weirdest dream last night. I had a dream that there was this play happening at church and I was there with Zineah. She was a lekker pap baby. I remember walking past Zains mom and giving her Zineahs bag. I sat at the back of the church so that Zineah could see the show probably. People were moving chairs and tables around. I remember thinking, “wow! Aunty carol got fat!” Zineah was next to me and I see Zains mom on a different spot and she kept on looking to the back to talk to someone. I then realise its Zain. I look to the person to my right and tell them to watch Zineah quickly. I walk over to Zain and he is holding Zineah. I give him a “why?” look and then I start hitting him. I was shouting at him for never being around and now he wants to be here and we dont need him. And then he had stupid blue hair and i was punching him because of his stupid blue hair and stupid hair cut and i dont want my child around his stupid hair and his stupid hair colour. For some off reason I then went outside,where I was chased by a dog who came out of nowhere (I regularly have dreams about dogs chasing me). The place where I came out of had a big white roof with red writing. I went into another house,came out and the dog started chasing me. I ran and then I saw my friend (a guy,no idea who) and I caught the dog under my arm. I gave the dog to my friend and for some reason the dog went all small. My friend was making jokes and kept putting the dogs mouth in and out of his mouth. He did this a few times and then the dog bit the inside of his mouth and held on. I saw that as my chance to get away. I ran like hell. I passed a facebrick house before realising that I ran past the house with the white roof and red writing ( I dont know why but I knew I had to go back into that house). I heard the dog again,turned around and saw that he was chasing me again. I ran,past the facebrick house and onto a field…….then I woke up


Dankie Almal!!!!!

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