Don't tag me this Mother's Day

I’m not sure how this Mother’s Day thing works but in South Africa, it’s this Sunday; which also happens to be my dad’s birthday. Now, this is not a rant post or a “I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day” or some other shit like that; – it is simply as titled

Don’t tag me this Mother’s Day

I know you mean well and I appreciate it but I do not have time to be tagged with a million of your other friends and then get bombarded by the friends that liked or commented on your post. That shit is annoying! Yes, thank you for remembering that I am a Mother and that this one day in the entire year is dedicated to me being bombarded and shitfaced with WhatsApp messages and Facebook tags. Please don’t. I’d much rather you send me a WhatsApp message that I can open and then ignore. It’s easier. So simple. 

So, please, this Mother’s Day, go ahead & wish me (include some REAL chocolates when you send my wishes) but please, pretty pretty please, Don’t tag me this Mother’s Day

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