Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen 🙂
I kmow it’s been ages since I’ve posted. So long that I’ve had to sign im again #absentblogger
So, I have a question for everyone and I would like more than just a yes or no answer. Some in depth feedback would be nice 🙂

On a date, like a proper one, who do you think should pay?!

Now, I always take money with coz you just never know but that is something I struggle with. The guy is already picking you up and dropping you off, and perhaps you’ve allowed him to grope you a bit and now feel he should get a good night kiss or whatever the case might be. But when the cheque comes,I reach for my purse. Whatever little money I have in there (you know….single mom = FOCKAL money) I take it out and put it in on the table because i do not expect a man to pay for me. I am,after all an independent albeit broke woman. I do, however, like it when they pay i.e I’ve only been on ONE date since my daughter has been born #almost3years #tightlikeavirgin BUT I also don’t want to feel like I’m a sponge and I don’t want my male counterpart to think I expect him to pay or that he will now get a free express to all of this goodness right here 🙂

So,ladies and gentleman. Feel free to inbox me via my Facebook or just comment something lengthy right here… there at the bottom

Note: If there is that attraction or whatever I will attack your face with my mouth

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