I hardly ever go full coloured. I keep it aside for special people. You know,the ones who aren’t prone to being completely judgemental. Also,it’s a side that might just give you a heart attack because not only does it not suit me but it’s an ugly look for me. Sometimes I have to go down,deep down,into my roots because the world becomes a place of 15wtf’s a minute. Some people even get me to that point of 15wtf’s a minute. Now,if I went full blast coloured on Facebook,he would know I was talking about him,so that’s exactly why I chose to do this via my blog #thebitchdontreaditanyway. Are you ready? If you know me,you’ll read this in my voice and laugh,because well, you know me.

Yor bra! How kak dom are u? U r mos jas!!! She cheated on u and she made u feel so kak and now this!? Naai man bra,u mos a groot poes to go back to her. Naai man,I thought you were better than this. Like what the poes ma bru. Naai man. U musn’t be so. I’m kak disappointed. Yor ma bru you are not wys! Yor bra I don’t know hey

DONE!!!! Lol some people just make me have to be THAT coloured

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