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Good Morrow Fellow Humanoids and welcome to weight up Wednesday! I just made that up. It is not weight up Wednesday because, seriously, who wants to be reminded of how much weight they still need to lose mid week & nogals on the infamous Steers Wacky Wednesday. Now, I’ve noticed that I have started to steer more to the “finished English” and steered away from the most likely reason people have followed & liked my blog. So, for today, I will try to steer away from my attempt at whatever the hell “Finished English” is and be a bit more, what society would deem, normal.

Awe ma se kind! LOL, OKAY! Not that unfinished!!!!

But seriously mense, waar is die liefde?

I sat in bed last night, under 3 blankets, with 2 jackets on and I was STILL getting cold. Now imagine, the fellas on the streets? I know. I know. Money is tight, blah blah blah but what if you were to save up all your pennies and dinges and give that to me as a donation or on your next shopping trip just pop a sakky pads in your trolley. No harm. No foul.

I am not asking for a lung or a kidney (I know if I was, I’d be dead right now). I am asking for a little. A fingernail. A small bietjie. Let’s teach the laatjies that there people who don’t have a toasty fireplace, who only have 1 blanket. Let’s pull them from their screens & let them help make that care package & butter that bread. Our society is too mal too think we can shield them from the downward spiral it is heading in. 

Think. Do. 

*for all my overseas mense, I apologise for the terminology but just quickly go onto Google & type in “Afrikaans to English Translator” and all the words you don’t know (the non english terms), just pop it in & learn away!

For aesthetics, here’s a picture of me,and then a collage of my snapchat adventures with my daughter last night

I hope you’ve made it this far down the post & now I shall be expecting my phone to BLOW up – 079 861 9603

Let’s Not Get It Twisted

It’s crazy how much I miss her even though I saw her a few hours ago
It’s crazy how I want a picture of her just to see if anything has changed
It must be madness that I can’t wait to leave in the morning but then when I get to work, I yearn to be with her

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Ladies & Gents

I’ve been thinking. People have been saying I look 5 – 6 years younger than what I actually am & then I had a looksie in the mirror today and I do look as young as people say…, it’s your turn to guess my age. Feel free to stalk me on Athena Japhta | Facebook or Athena Japhta | Instagram or any other site you get to find my most recent pics on 🙂

wpid-20150526_174905_001.jpg wpid-collage_20150414032100928.jpg IMG_20141227_202442 wpid-20150901_193900.jpg



Another F***** Dream

Like really now? This love kak!!!!! AARRGGHH! I only get upset because it makes me realise that my dreams are better than my reality. Well,atleast my lovelife in my dreams.


This time it was all young love. Sweet. Hand holding. Aahh my heart❤
I miss it. I do. The love. The male companionship. And yes, even the sex. I miss it all. The heart flutters. Alles!!!!


These dreams just make kak 😠😠😠😠😠😠


Good Morning Cape Town (and the rest of the world)
It’s amper 6am and I’m feeling refreshed, waiting for my lift club with my freshly boiled eggs in hand


Now, as the title suggests, todays post will be all about dreams. I,like we all do, have these mid-night movie theaters going on in our heads. We are seemingly unawares but I’m sure you’ve all had that ONE dream that kinda just stuck. Now I know many revert to ‘ou mens taal’ or just so easily, Google. Well I choose to vret and get all anxious like over said dreams and eventually I succumb and seek advice from a few of my closest friends.
The dream:
I’m basically trying to save my family from a crazy bichacho (bitch,for u less informed) and no one seems to trust me enough to believe me,that at any second some crazy ass ho is gonna plow through the living room and we won’t have any way out then. I had no idea what this ho was on about but I got a few people out, all kids mind you,and I got a few blankets etc coz ya never know!

I can’t remember why there was a crazy bitch in my dream but it’s not the first time I’ve had this dream.


Until next time peeps,