Carlton: Do Your Hair Girl 

If anyone here knows me,knows that I don’t spend much time on me. Never have and probably never will. You’ll be hardpressed to find me looking 100% snazzy and not uncomfortable. I enjoy lazing around. Minimal make up. Minimal effort really. I reckon the most I’ve spent on myself is when I buy nailpolish and do my eyebrows, even then it doesn’t get any crazier. I prefer my sweats and sloffies to heels and dress up. When I get invited out the first question I ask is “Will there be food?” , then “Is it free?” and lastly, “What do I have to wear?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional dress up (I’m talking Christmas here & even then, my hair stays in a ponytail & I kick my “heels” off as soon as possible) but I have always been someone who enjoys being comfortable,clean & relaxed. I get to your house? Guaranteed I will slip off my shoes and relax. You don’t need to be my bestie for me to get comfortable. Hey, my hair is always clean, I always smell good but I’d much rather have a tracky on than a jeans and crisp white shirt. I always look like a way back 16 year old when I leave the house. Definitely DO NOT look like a mother!!!! 

Yesterday was a completely different story though. Had my hair done at Carlton Canal Walk & nogals for free #savingonthechingching.

It was awesome. I downloaded their app [play store > carlton hair app] about a week ago and once I filled out my profile, I recieved a free evoucher for a wash, blow and flat iron to the value of R165. Amazeballs! 

I’ve shared this amazeballs app on social media but I doubt anyone has signed up (scams and all)

Seriously though. Share this post. Tell your friends. Who doesn’t want to get pampered and look even more drop dead gorgeous after 30 minutes?????

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