Car Ride To The New Year

As I sit in the backseat of my mom’s car,a passenger. I am able to reflect on the year past,the night past. Staring out onto the beachfront as I pass the fishermen getting ready to start their day, the early beachgoers already out before 10am and the dogs frolicking in what I imagine to be icy cold ocean water. This year. 2016. Many people have said that this year has been the worst. But has it? Really? Think about it, long and hard. Yes, this year might’ve been sucky and downright kakballs but atleast you’re still alive and breathing, perhaps barely. There are many who did not make it, did not get to share a birthday or anniversary. Every year is the worst, will be the worst, if you let it be. Besides getting my drivers license this year and driving around like the absolute rockstar I am,I also reconnected with old friends and flames. Am I still single? Yebo yes. Am I still somewhat of a recluse? Altyd. I have done things this year I never thought I would and I am sure you have to. 2016 has not been the worst, it has just been. 2017 though? That’s entirely your choice

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