But Why Not Review and Giveaway

Good Morrow Fellow Humans! I hope you are well and being treated awesome by this strange rainy September weather. Btw, I am inlove with Winter *if you haven’t noticed. Firstly, congrats to the Spring Giveaway winner, The Stiletto Mum!!!!! 

For now and until mid October, my giveaway will be:

But Why Not personalised coffee (*or tea) mug,a coaster and an awesome freakin keyring!

What do I love about ButWhyNot is because of the catchy as hell company name and because of the impeccable customer service. I am quite anal when it comes to customer service and the delivery of it. Also, comparing prices, ButWhyNot comes out as the cheapest with the highest quality. Which, I guess, is something we all look out for. Of course,after getting my items,pictures were mandatory and my daughter immediately claimed the mug. My keyring? Still trying to find a place for it but I love that it’s solid and downright gorgeous! My coaster is at the office. On my desk, nestled between my pen holder and stapler. I’m even thinking of getting a few coasters for the office. You know, as a “Happy Holidays” sentiment with a chocolate. Thoughtful. Cost effective. 

How do you enter to win? Tell me where my coaster is kept

Don’t forget to follow ButWhyNot on Insta and pop on over, order a few items and get to supporting! 

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