Hello Ladies & Gents.

Happy 2015 :)☺ I think, I’m pretty sure that this is my first official post of 2015 and it ain’t gonna be pretty….

I need a break. As I find myself sitting in my room on my chair I realise that I need a break from nothing. Like it would be so nice to not feel bloated and uugghh. It would be nice to sleep a little,sometimes alot. And it’s not a specific break from anyone or anything but as I find myself surrounded by constant noise,and yes irritation ; I just need a break. As I sit on this chair,my body all heavy and drained ; I feel as if I need a break,a massage even,would do the world of good. Just a peace. Something away. I talk to my child and I am almost always close to tears. For the life I wish I could give her and the pride I feel because of her. I only wish to instill the best in her and make sure that she knows that she is more than just a pretty face.

As I sit in this chair, pushed down by it all, I don’t feel as heavy now. Coke in my hand I feel a bit lighter. Tired but better


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