Brain Power


I. Have. No. Brain. Power.
Work has been hectic and I don’t even have lis to type this post. Like FOCKALL lis,but here I am,typing; because I want you to know that I have no lis and no brain power. My brain literally stops functioning at optimal level by 3pm and then I get in the car and COMPLETE switch off. Like totes bru!
I am currently SO busy at work because it’s that time of the year where the shot could literally hit the fan at any given time.
I have no time to work out because my child thinks it’s ok to scream out in her sleep, which means I CANNOT have my music on full blast,like you should, when I exercise.
I am dealing with a court case. When I say “dealing”, I mean that I have ovee 60 emails from lawyers with their fees but ai fok!, it’s like selling my vag on the corner kinda fees!
I am trying to do my drivers but seems like I might just break the car first #gears #suckydriver #learner
I am trying to get Zineah’s unabridged birth certificate but I also can’t afford to spend a day at Home Affairs #government so I am looking into paying someone R800 for this process #brokemama
I am on some weird diet that makes me kak twice a day and just plain liquidises that shit, my shit!
It’s also Zineah’s 3rd Birthday Party this week #exhausted #needIsaymore


I am at capacity mense! My brain needs a re – shuffle. An indian head massage even 🙂

**disclaimer: all pics are courtesy of 9gag, pinterest, facebook,tumblr or just plain ol’ google 👍

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