Blogging: Does Anything Ever Stay Private?

I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now and I have found it very hard to comprehend that any part of our lives stay private. 

Lately, I have been stirring away from posting ABSOLUTELY everything. Pictures. Content. I  follow alot of my fellow bloggers on social  media and I see how they post 90% of their lives online and , I guess, no stone left unturned. I have nothing against that. To each their own. I just find that it’s hard to draw that muniscule line between what becomes content and what stays yours. Yes, you vowed to share your life, per se, with the world, when you decided to start blogging but MUST everything be made privy to the nation?

As a blogger, what do you value as “me”, as private? Something you would rather much enjoy sans screen than making sure to get that perfect picture for your blog?

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