“Black Friday” #ventpost


What. Is. This. Black. Friday. Kak!!!!!!!
I really don’t understand how South Africa thinks it’s jist ok to hitch off the back of the USA with this “holiday”
Was any actual research done or are people just concerned with the “specials”
I’m all for 5 2L gas drinks for R50……I am
BUT seriously?
Fighting over frozen chicken, falling over kids, empty pallets falling over pregnant ladies?
When was this senseless violence condoned?
Is it because we’re so immune to all that goes on around us?
Baby/Toddler Rape
Gut Wrenching Murder
For The Fun Beatings
I really think that South Africa should get a fuckin grip and start dealing with THIS countries issues before deciding to highjacking another
Seriously……..Google “Black Friday” & then you explain to me if your conscience soul will still allowa you to stand in that queue for longer than 4 hours and get those “specials”
#BonusPay #November2015 #December2015 #WaarsMyGeld #PapMaand #Chokers #ThinkBeforeYouDo

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