They should be special right?
A few nights ago, it was my nephews (and I use that term lightly because he is not a biological nephew) birthday. He turned 13 years old. Now, no matter what a birthday should always be celebrated. I’m not talking a big ass celebration every year but atleast some damn effort. Like a cake of iets. Now, said nephew stays by us. For schooling purposes. Nephew’s mother and father did absolutely fuckall. No birthday wish. No card. No present. No cake. Really? No cake:'(😠!!!!! My parents ended up buying 2 small cakes and myself and Zineah (accompanied by my dad) had an inpromptu Happy Birthday dance/sing off in the kitchen. Mother joined us. I killed it with my sick dance moves. Oh, back to the parents with fuckall care or love – they are apparently doing something today. That doesn’t justify not doing anything on the day of. Like was his birth not a joyous experience? Zineah will be 3 this year, on a Friday and I cannot afford a big party but you know what? I am going to do something. I am going to buy cake and make sure there is food, maybe KFC or something. It is a special day. It is the day your baby was born,not 3 days later. Just a chocolate. Yong! Iets man!!!!! Please, someone tell me if I am wrong. Tell me that I am overreacting. And, don’t say it’s about money. They have money. We have a bakery in our area where a milk tart, a decent milk tart costs R35. I don’t know. Then you wonder why the kids are the way they are. Not even acknowledged.  Not even on their birthday.

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