I am happy being single

I am happy being single
I feel like I don’t need to justify that but here I am, typing, trying to convince you that at almost 30 ; I am happy

Do I wish I had a bit of help with my daughter? Hell yeah
To I treasture that for the next year or so, before she wants nothing to do with me, I get to have her all to myself? Of freaking course

I have always been an introvert. I once had a friend drag me out of bed at 3am to go to a party; a week before I was meant to leave for London

I don’t like going out and doing things,I would much rather sit in bed and read a book
Sit in a park
Sit in a cafe
Watch a movie

I like being single
It suits me
Who I am
My personality

I only go out and do things because an almost 6 year old should not be subjected to my introverted-ness

I have a friend who is pushing (hahaha sarcasm, not really) for me to get married by 30, because that’s the dream right?

Get married, pop out a few more babies before 35 and grow old gracefully

I have been single since Novmber 2013, that’s almost a full 6 years

That is a really long time, like longer than anyone ever thought but here I am , single and happy

I get to go where I want, do what I want and I don’t have to report to anyone

I am working on me for me

Marriage does appeal to me
Wedding expo’s do give me a feeling of “when me?” but still this “freedom” of being single is more than enough for me

I love babies
I love weddings
and I will always be your number one supporter but I am not ready to get married, I am not ready for more babies and I am not ready for love lesser than my God

I have my parents, my daughter and my family

There is not much else I need in this life

Well them and a good book!

Fitchef Launches Their Kiddies Range

You’ve heard about Fitchef right? They are this powerhouse company that is all about the #EatClean lifestyle.

I recently had the pleasure of being a part of their newly launched Kids Range. All healthy. All good. All well within price range of what we should be paying to keep our kids healthy & satisfied.

How did the Fitchef Kiddies Range come about?

The Operations Manager of Fitchef, Shaun, recently became a father and with that, as all parents knows, comes the challenges of providing a decent judge-less meal for your little one while still being “that” parent that sits on the floor with them, because you know – we all have endless amounts of time.

The difficulty Shaun faced was finding the time to do everything and still provide his toddler with a healthy balanced meal and that is how Fitchef Kiddies Range came to mind. After stringent testing (I’m hoping lots of eating) and a gruelling “vetting” process; Shaun was more than happy to role out this to the public (the public being me).

How many meals are apart of the Fitchef Kiddies Range?

They have 4 delicious and nutritious meals for your kids. The portions are enough to feed any child from a picky 2 year old to a busy 8 year old. It’s all our old favourites!

1 x Kids Menu – Cautage Pie

1 x Kids Menu – Whole Wheat Penne Bolognese

1 x Kids Menu – Meatballs Mash & Gravy

1 x Kids Menu – Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Before I explain what myself and Zineah tested, just know that I was initially quite sceptical

I tasted all the food #gimbaforlife

I wasn’t quite sure why the food had to be fully defrosted before I could warm it in the microwave for Zineah to eat

All the instructions on the packaging were the same, which I felt was something they could’ve paid a bit more attention to but hey, at the end of the day I figured it out, so no harm no foul


What did we test?

Cautage Pie – I love cauliflower and shepherd’s pie but aside from using Cauliflower as rice, I have always been too scared to branch out but this meal changed my mind! I am not sure what they did but this tasted like someone put magic beans in the food and intoxicated me

Meatballs Mash & Gravy – One word. Deliciously Saucy! Ok, that was two words but can you blame me? I honestly expected the meatballs to be hard and dry and then the mash to be too runny, sort of opposite consistency but man oh man; I was pleasantly surprised when I wanted more only to see Zineah had finished it all

Chicken Nuggets & Chips – Oh man, I was so sceptical about this because frozen chips warmed in the microwave? Hot damn! They were delicious. The nuggets had a slight cheesy taste which I was NOT expecting but it was a welcome change to what we were used to


What did we love?

It was hard to decide but being a homebody, I loved the Cautage Pie and of course, in typical kid fashion because this is, after all, a kiddies range – Zineah loved the Chicken Nuggets and Chips.

Why, I personally love FitChef and their team

I love the Fitchef team because they know how to take of people. They only deliver the best customer service and they definitely have your best interest at heart. They are a bunch of dedicated individuals who want you to live the healthiest and most longterm life ever.

I love their range of products – which all go through stringent quality testing – all on their website and as someone who is moving towards cutting out meat products, I am beyond stoked that they have a vegan range, so accommodating and easy to #EatClean with Fitchef


It’s The Small Things

I am sick, just a bit of flu. I put it down to a lack of sleep, starting my period and then work stress. So when I cry, it seems like sinuses. Which is what I need now, no one to know that I am crying or want to cry or have been crying. I screamed in the car yesterday, my daughter found it hilarious – she joined in. I screamed from frustration, anger and because I needed to. I am shaking, uncontrollably, controllably. I am drowning. Noticing that it’s the small things that make me want to lose my fuckin mind because why the fuck not! I am struggling to breathe, not from the flu but because if I don’t I am scared that I will lose it in a fit of rage. I want to hit something. I keep on snapping. I want to shout. At you. I want to throw something. Break something. Because maybe then I will feel better. But I know I won’t. That is not going to help. I have been putting off going to my GP for the longest time. I do think. Mentality. I need help. Emotionally. I need comfort. Physically. I need to be fucked. Would that not be the easier way to just let every – fuckin – thing go. Just like that. One quick pomp and I will be better. Hopefully it’s that easy. I am sick. I am not ok. I am taking a small almost non existent break from social media. I don’t think you are the problem though. But I am about to break.

I will not sit down and I will not be humble

Queue Kendrick Lamar’s song………..not for me because I am sick and tired of being taken for a poephol

It dawned on me yesterday, as it had so many times before, that I am a really really nice person

I go out of my way for other people. To make them feel comfortable, welcome and wanted

What do I get? Oh, I was busy / things were hectic

Now, that’s not a problem. I understand #life but if you claim to be my friend should you not atleast check in with me like I do with you?

Even a quick, “hey, hope you’re ok”, once every 6 months will suffice

Something to show that I am on your radar

I have this belief that if I died suddenly, no one would miss me because alive I play such an insignificant role in your life, so why should my death be any different

Even at work, no one even notices when I am on leave and I am the resident work DJ

Is my existence so insignificant that it doesn’t warrant a quick 5 second check in

I often wonder if being nice is all its cracked up to be

Often feels like it’s a bunch of kak

Isn’t there something about good karma, what goes around cones around?

I would like to trade in my forthcoming good karma for money, lots of it

JarBar Review and Discount Code

I am not sure if you’ve heard of JarBar but if you haven’t, I have one question for you……..

Have you been living under a rock?

They are a health food company that prepare freshly made on the day meals and deliver to your home / office.

I was lucky enough to get a jar delivered to my offices which I was super keen to munch onto and at first I thought, “how would this jar be enough for a vraat like me *I’ve been known to finish a gatsby on my own*, but then I decanted the Argentinian salad and damn, I barely made it through it all!

If you’re looking for outstanding service, quality food and want to brag about getting food delivered in a fuckin jar then get to using my discount code for your first order!

With the purchase of of your first jar, you’d need to “buy” a jar deposit which costs R25 + your meal order, where my discount code comes in .

The discount code #SUPERBUSYMOM can be used on your first purchase and is valid until 31 March 2018.