As promised

So, a few weeks ago (you obviously forgot) I promised that there would be a blogpost about people who borrow but don’t return things. Well, I was upset but mostly hurt. I’m not talking sugar or your pen. I’m talking real deal shit. MONEY! Then they still have the audacity to NOT pay it back. They claim they need it for their child. You claim you need it for your child but here you sit waiting your moer off because they just can’t “afford” to pay you back. Now, the reason I get so pissed is because there is no effort made on their side. You are only a factor in their lives IF you say “yes, i have money” but NEE!, the moment you ask for it back,dan is hulle soos Osama. Nowhere to be found. It just pisses me off. Seriously. I will borrow the world money, or loan or whatever but atleast have the balls to say you won’t or can’t pay it back. Don’t make me run after you!!!!!


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