I’m sorry. Two of the hardest word I’ve ever had to say. I’m not very good with apologies. Not because I think that I’m better than you or that I am too good to apologise but because I’m a crier. I’m talking about the proper snot and trane, don’t look at me ugly face. Fokol filter.
This post isn’t just random. It’s a purposeful post. Lot’s of thought and even though I’m typing this from my phone while driving home,it doesn’t make it any less sincere.

This post to dedicated to Chad,the dude with the decade long crush #dudeiscrazy

I am sorry. For judging you and jumping down your throat. I obviously didn’t mean it. For it to come across like that. I am just very scared and I am not quick to admit when I am scared and I am not one to succumb to my vulnerabilities.

People don’t normally have the opportunity to hear me apologise so next time I see you,I’ll be sure to say I’m sorry and mean it. Just like I mean it now.

Like I said before, you’ll be legendary,famous and you’ll get a TV show.

Once again,Chad,the dude with the decade long crush…..I’m sorry

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