And just like that

My next blogpost falls into my lap. I am part of a lift club to and from Town and my brother is the designated driver. A designated driver that drives my car, yes you read right, MY car like a freakin maniac. But do u know what irritates me more than that? His constant texting. He is forever busy on WhatsApp. Like heerie all the time. It’s his wife though. Especially in the afternoon. She constantly texts him and sometimes even calls. I get picked up from work at 4:30 and in most cases we get home at 5:30 but ai the lengths this woman goes to. Freaks me the fuck out. It’s like a leech but instead of sucking the blood out of you she sucks the life from you. Like nonstop. My only concern is us getting into an accident but I don’t even think that would bother him much. And he is texting from a phone I gave him, a contract that I am paying. Yep,me. The sister that gets walked over. Taken for a p***. I am so glad I have my learners and that I can reverse like a boss. Been reversing since day one and pulling into the garage – incline baby! I hope to get my drivers soon but I also have to get a lawyer, so it’s all about priorities now.

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