Adulting | The time I shat my pants

Come close and let me tell you about the time I shat my pants

2 days into 2018

It was hilariously awkward and embarrassing to admit but makes for a somewhat good story

As you know, I do a lot of sponsored posts and this one time, I was planning to get healthier with the help of Herbalfix and the owner, Lauren, warned me of the side effects. She warned me of constant peeing and hard pee’s. You know what a hard pee is right? Well, that’s what I was expecting. To pee. Which is not unusual because I drink 3 litres of water a day so am pretty accustomed to frequent bathroom breaks.

This was not the case. I shat my pants. My work pants, nonetheless.

I remember I just started the Herbalfix routine and it was only day number 2 and also my first day back at work. I came home, knew I had to go to the toilet but thought I had “enough time”, only to feel as if I was about to burst. Now I don’t know if I have no control over my bowels but by the time I got to the toilet and pulled down my pants, my plain white panty was already covered in shit.

The smell!

I did not have time, like you do, to be disgusted with myself because I still had more shit inside that needed to exit my body and I was not about to mess on the floor.

I sat, continued to shit while I tried, in vain, to roll up my shit filled pants and panty while contemplating just chucking it all in the bin but I knew I had to wash it. With my hands.

Parenting. Apparently. Prepares you for shit soaked anything.

I washed my goods and told the story to my dad, who laughed. I messaged Lauren to ask her if this was “normal” and her only words were “listen to your body”.

Now, I’m back on Herbalfix and enjoying the regular time I get to spend with the toilet, like 3 times a day. It opens my bowels, does something of the thin kind to my face and makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere with my body without actually working out; which I need to do by the way.

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